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Apheris AI


Berlin, Germany

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Apheris AI

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Robin Röhm
Co-Founder, CEO

Michael Höh
Co-Founder, CTO


Apheris AI is the creator of a data harmonization and privacy platform that has developed a solution that aims to safeguard machine learning and analytics. Their platform utilizes decentralized computing, federated learning, and cryptographic protocols to ensure privacy and data protection, particularly in environments with limited trust. This technology empowers clients to securely transform the way organizations collaborate and derive valuable insights from data.

Apheris AI

Secure Multi-Partner Data Collaboration

We are Apheris, a deep tech company at the forefront of the AI revolution that is on a mission to fundamentally reinvent how organizations collaborate and extract value from data.

The Apheris Platform for federated and privacy-preserving data science allows you to safely collaborate with partners while protecting privacy, IP and maintaining compliance.

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