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Seattle, Washington, USA

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BigBox VR

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Chia Chin Lee
Co-Founder, CEO

Gabe Brown
Co-Founder, CTO


BigBox VR is a leading virtual reality game development company that has taken the gaming world by storm with its innovative and immersive games.

Their flagship title, "Population One," has become a household name among VR enthusiasts, offering a unique and thrilling battle royale experience in a stunning virtual world. "Smashbox Arena," another one of their titles, provides an entertaining and action-packed multiplayer experience for VR players.

Founded in 2016 by a team of experienced game developers, BigBox VR has since grown into a global gaming company with a passionate community of gamers. With their focus on creating immersive and engaging virtual reality experiences, the company has gained a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what's possible in VR gaming.

In November 2021, BigBox VR made headlines when it was announced that they had been acquired by Meta, the parent company of Facebook. This acquisition was seen as a strategic move by Meta to expand its presence in the growing VR gaming market and leverage the expertise of BigBox VR's talented team.

With Meta's backing, BigBox VR continue creating innovative and engaging VR games that captivate players worldwide. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of VR gaming and providing a unique experience for their players has made them a standout in the industry.


NEW Sandbox Battle Royale Mode Arrives March 30th!

Population One has become one of the most popular VR titles on the market. The game is a battle royale-style shooter set in a colorful, futuristic world where players compete against each other to be the last one standing.

Players can choose from a variety of weapons and equipment, including guns, grenades, and climbing gear, as they navigate the environment and battle it out with other players. The game's unique climbing mechanics allow players to climb walls, buildings, and other structures, adding a new level of strategy and movement to the gameplay.

One of the key features of Population One is its cross-platform multiplayer support, which allows players on different VR platforms to play together in the same matches. This has helped to build a large and active player community, with players from around the world coming together to compete and socialize in the game.

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