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Menlo Park, California, USA

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Noam Shazeer
Co-Founder, CEO

Daniel De Freitas
Co-Founder, President


Character.AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that allows users to create and interact with fictional characters through text conversations. The platform is designed to simulate realistic character interactions, offering a unique experience that allows users to build friendships, play games, and have engaging conversations with characters of their own creation.

One of the key features of Character.AI is its advanced language model, which allows characters to converse naturally and respond to complex questions and tasks. The platform is also equipped with built-in tools for character customization, including appearance, personality, and interests, allowing users to create their own unique characters.

Character.AI also offers a range of features designed to enhance the user experience, such as roleplay options, interactive games, and the ability to save and share conversations with friends. The platform is constantly being updated with new content and features, ensuring that users always have new ways to engage with their characters.

Overall, Character.AI is an exciting and innovative platform that offers users a unique and engaging experience. Whether you're looking to create your own fictional characters, explore new conversations, or just have some fun, Character.AI is the perfect platform for you.

OVER 1.7 MILLION INSTALLS in our first week of the mobile launch.

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