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Santa Barbara, California, USA

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Andreas Forsland
Founder, CEO, Chief Product Officer


Cognixion, a cutting-edge technology company, is transforming the way individuals with communication difficulties interact with the world around them. Leveraging state-of-the-art wearable devices and advanced software solutions, Cognixion empowers people with speech impairments to express themselves with ease and clarity.

With a strong focus on accessibility and inclusivity, Cognixion's groundbreaking products have gained significant recognition in the field of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). At the heart of Cognixion's product lineup lies the award-winning Cognixion ONE, a revolutionary wearable device that seamlessly integrates into users' daily lives.

This lightweight and ergonomic head-mounted display empowers individuals with limited speech capabilities to communicate effectively, bridging the gap between thoughts and words. By employing an array of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), eye-tracking, and natural language processing, the Cognixion ONE enables intuitive communication through a variety of modalities.

The Cognixion ONE's innovative design allows users to compose messages, navigate applications, and control connected devices using only their thoughts and eye movements.

By leveraging AI algorithms, the device learns from users' unique communication patterns, adapting to their individual needs over time. Moreover, the Cognixion ONE's cloud connectivity ensures continuous software updates, expanding its capabilities and enhancing the user experience with every iteration. Complementing its hardware offerings, Cognixion provides a suite of powerful software solutions designed to enhance the usability and personalization of their products.

The Cognixion Gateway, a cloud-based platform, allows users to tailor their communication experience by customizing the device's user interface, vocabulary, and predictive text capabilities. This flexibility enables individuals to express themselves authentically, while also accommodating their evolving communication needs. Cognixion's software ecosystem facilitates seamless collaboration between users and their support network. By leveraging the Cognixion Pro platform, caregivers, therapists, and educators can remotely access and assist users, fostering engagement and promoting personalized therapy plans.

This collaborative approach empowers individuals with speech impairments to receive timely support, maximize their potential, and engage in meaningful interactions within their communities.

With a focus on innovation, accessibility, and collaboration, the company is committed to refining their existing products, developing new breakthrough technologies, and forging partnerships to create a more inclusive world.


Receives CMS Accreditation

CMS accreditation allows Cognixion Medicare billing privileges as a supplier of durable medical equipment, enabling financial accessibility for its forthcoming technologies.

Medicare & Medicaid provides financial support and access to quality healthcare to over 65 million Americans.

Over 8 million Americans with Disabilities rely on Medicare or Medicaid.

Cognixion recently received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation which accelerates its interactions with the FDA towards regulatory clearance.

Cognixion aims to become the first FDA cleared Brain Computer Interface with Augmented Reality device allowing fully paralyzed or locked-in patients to communicate using visual mental attention.

Cognixion ONE is the first and only wireless brain computer interface, integrated with augmented reality in one system.

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