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In today's rapidly advancing technological landscape, HaptX has emerged as a pioneering force in the field of haptic technology. With a focus on delivering immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences and transforming the way humans interact with robots, HaptX has gained significant attention for its groundbreaking VR gloves and robotic gloves.

At the heart of HaptX's offerings lies their revolutionary VR haptic gloves. By blending advanced haptic feedback and precise motion tracking, these gloves transport users into a realm where they can feel, touch, and manipulate objects within virtual environments with unparalleled realism.

HaptX VR gloves (G1) boast an impressive level of accuracy, providing precise finger tracking and haptic feedback that mimics the texture, shape, and resistance of virtual objects.

Equipped with an array of microfluidic actuators, HaptX VR gloves offer an unmatched level of immersion. The actuators apply varying levels of pressure to the wearer's hands, replicating the sensation of touching objects in the virtual realm. Whether it's the gentle brush of a feather or the firm grip of a solid object, HaptX VR gloves make these experiences tangible and lifelike.

Expanding their reach beyond VR, HaptX has also developed cutting-edge robotic gloves that bridge the gap between humans and robots. These robotic gloves enable users to control robots remotely with an extraordinary level of dexterity and precision. By employing force feedback technology, users can not only manipulate objects in the robotic environment but also perceive the forces and resistance encountered by the robot in real-time.

HaptX's robotic gloves boast an impressive range of motion and are designed to fit various hand sizes comfortably. This adaptability ensures that the gloves can be used by a wide range of users across different industries, from manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and entertainment. With HaptX robotic gloves, human-robot collaboration becomes seamless, enhancing efficiency and expanding the possibilities of what robots can achieve.

At the core of HaptX's advancements lies their innovative haptic technology. By leveraging a combination of advanced materials, mechanical engineering, and machine learning algorithms, HaptX has achieved a level of realism in haptic feedback that was once deemed unimaginable. Their technology allows users to experience the intricate details of virtual objects, offering an unprecedented level of immersion and interaction.

HaptX's haptic technology relies on a deep understanding of human perception and interaction, enabling them to replicate the sense of touch with remarkable accuracy. Their continuous pursuit of excellence in haptic feedback has placed HaptX at the forefront of the industry, opening doors for a wide range of applications across VR, robotics, medical training, and beyond.


Introducing HaptX Gloves G1

Now available for pre-orders at the industry's most advanced haptic gloves, priced for scalable deployment.

HaptX has engineered HaptX Gloves G1 with the features most requested by customers, including improved ergonomics, multiple sizes, wireless mobility, new and improved haptic functionality, and multiplayer collaboration.

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