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Ismaning, Bayern, Germany

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Florian Haspinger
Co-Founder, CEO

Michael Oberlechner
Co-Founder, CFO

Alexander Werlberger
Co-Founder, CTO

Susanne Haspinger
Co-Founder, COO

Luis Bollinger
Co-Founder, CMO


Munich-based tech company HOLO-LIGHT is making waves in the augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR) industry with its groundbreaking products and solutions.

With a vision to revolutionize engineering processes and redefine the way we interact with digital content, HOLO-LIGHT has emerged as a frontrunner in the XR space.

At the heart of HOLO-LIGHT's success lies their flagship product, AR 3S. Short for Augmented Reality 3D Software, AR 3S empowers engineers and designers to seamlessly blend the virtual and physical worlds, resulting in enhanced productivity and immersive experiences.

AR 3S is an XR engineering application for AR and VR devices that streamlines and accelerates product development through 3D CAD data visualization.

As the first Industrial Metaverse application to enable AR and VR collaboration, it revolutionizes engineering and design teamwork.

The ISAR SDK is a powerful remote rendering solution designed to stream high-quality XR experiences from local servers or cloud-based infrastructure. Stream entire AR or VR applications, visualize high-polygon content, and use its cross platform compatibility to support AR/VR glasses, smartphones, and tablets.

Furthermore, HOLO-LIGHT's product portfolio is rounded out by XRnow, a global immersive ecosystem for centrally hosting, managing and streaming AR/VR applications. This enterprise-grade Industrial Metaverse brings the power of the cloud to mobile XR, providing infinite performance, centralized app management and a direct interface between XR apps and content.

This groundbreaking solution not only democratizes AR/VR access but also paves the way for new applications in remote collaboration, training, and entertainment.

In addition to their impressive product lineup, HOLO-LIGHT offers comprehensive solutions that leverage XR technology to address critical challenges in various industries. XR in engineering is one such solution that enables engineers to optimize their workflows, enhance design reviews, and facilitate virtual prototyping. By integrating AR and VR into engineering processes, HOLO-LIGHT empowers engineers to visualize complex data, collaborate seamlessly, and make informed decisions, resulting in improved productivity and cost savings.

Another notable solution by HOLO-LIGHT is their AR/VR streaming technology. XR Streaming enables device-agnostic accessibility for your app through a central server application. By making your application compatible with various AR and VR devices, you can significantly expand its market reach and attract a broader user base.

HOLO-LIGHT is spearheading the development of an industrial metaverse—The Industrial Metaverse enables streamlined application management. Rollout, maintenance, and security are managed on a centralized platform, greatly reducing IT’s workload and ensuring ease of use for employees.


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