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Julio Lopez


We will use the Metaverse to train people with special needs, work that has traditionally, until now, only been done by specific schools, institutions, and mental health professionals.

Developing a Metaverse environment centered on neurodivergent individuals is essential to fully include them in society and prepare them to contribute to the physical world. So many of these people have exceptional talents and abilities. Integrating and empowering these individuals benefits everyone.

We will analyze biometric profiles with diagnostic and behavioral programs of specific individuals and apply advanced heuristics to create environments that meet the particular needs of neurodivergent individuals. In addition, we will use technology that combines olfactory, tactile, auditory, and kinetic sensations and feedback; This environment will support training and allow personalized cognitive interaction in the Metaverse.

Our solution will facilitate comfortable, safe, and digitally simulated real-world scenarios in partnership with laboratories at Stanford University and other institutions. We will enable people with neurological disorders to develop essential coping skills and contribute their unique talents and perspectives to society.

We are creating new multi-sensory therapeutic tools to treat neurological disorders with a solution that allows personalized inputs and results for each individual.

Our solution integrates neuromorphic engineering technology, cognitive science, positive psychology, neuroenhancement, and nanoemulsion technology into an extended reality (XR) application.

Patients will use personalized avatars to experience real-life scenarios in a collaborative, non-threatening digital environment that allows them to hone their ability to interact with others.

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