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London, England

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Herman Narula
Co-Founder, CEO

Robert Whitehead
Co-Founder, CTO


Improbable is a pioneering metaverse company at the forefront of revolutionizing virtual worlds and simulations. Through its innovative technology and platform, Improbable has emerged as a leading force in creating highly immersive and interactive digital experiences. With a vision to build the next generation of virtual worlds, Improbable empowers developers to craft vast and intricate universes that blur the lines between the real and virtual realms.

Their platform enables the creation of rich ecosystems, where millions of players can explore, interact, and shape the virtual landscapes. Improbable's dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the metaverse has garnered widespread recognition and positioned them as a key player in shaping the future of digital experiences.


Create massive virtual events and social experiences on MSquared

Leveraging Improbable’s Morpheus technology, M² (MSquared) powers interconnected metaverses and social experiences of massive size and scale. Create epic 10,000 player battles, or put on a concert for thousands of fans to party with their favourite musician.

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