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Rad AI


San Francisco, California, USA

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Rad AI

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Jeff Chang

Doktor Gurson
Co-Founder, CEO


RAD AI is an advanced automated report generation platform utilizing artificial intelligence, aiming to streamline the workload of radiologists by automating monotonous tasks. The platform offered by the company enhances workflow efficiency, seamlessly integrates with existing processes, automates repetitive and time-consuming duties, and ultimately improves the overall radiology workflow.

This leads to enhanced efficiency and accuracy, shorter turnaround time for patients, reduced burnout among radiologists, and an overall improvement in patient care.

Rad AI

NVRA Partners with Rad AI for Continuity, the Next Generation of AI-driven Patient Follow-up

Rad AI Continuity leverages the most advanced AI algorithms to seamlessly identify, track, and manage incidental findings in radiology reports, with the highest degree of automation. In combination with Omni, it is able to increase the total number of clinically appropriate follow-ups, delivering 90%+ follow-up compliance -- far more than any other product on the market.

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