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Dr. Gregory Albers
Co-Founder, Chairman and Scientific Lead

Dr. Roland Bammer
Co-Founder, Technical Advisor


RapidAI, a leading innovator in the field of medical imaging, is spearheading a transformative revolution in healthcare with its cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, RapidAI is empowering healthcare providers with advanced tools and insights that are revolutionizing patient care and saving lives.

The core mission of RapidAI is to improve patient outcomes through rapid and accurate diagnosis, enabling timely interventions and treatment decisions.

The company's suite of AI-powered solutions offers unparalleled speed and precision in analyzing medical images, such as CT scans and MRIs, helping physicians detect critical conditions with greater accuracy and efficiency.

With an unwavering commitment to delivering actionable results, RapidAI has become a trusted partner for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare systems worldwide. By seamlessly integrating with existing imaging infrastructure, their solutions provide real-time insights, allowing physicians to make informed decisions swiftly, even in the most time-sensitive situations.

One of the flagship products offered by RapidAI is the Rapid platform, an industry-leading stroke imaging and workflow solution. By automatically analyzing brain scans and identifying potential blockages or hemorrhages, Rapid enables healthcare professionals to quickly diagnose and triage stroke patients. This groundbreaking technology has been proven to significantly reduce treatment times, leading to better patient outcomes and increased chances of full recovery.

RapidAI's impact extends beyond stroke care. The company has expanded its portfolio to address other critical areas of medicine, including neurovascular, aneurysm, and trauma imaging. Through constant innovation and collaboration with top medical professionals, RapidAI remains at the forefront of developing solutions that tackle complex challenges in the field of medical imaging.

The success of RapidAI lies in its advanced machine learning algorithms, which are continuously refined using vast datasets and expert annotations. By leveraging the collective knowledge of thousands of medical professionals, RapidAI's algorithms have reached unprecedented levels of accuracy and sensitivity. This robust and constantly evolving technology equips clinicians with the tools they need to make confident, data-driven decisions, ultimately improving patient outcomes.


AI-Powered Volumetric Aneurysm Measurement | Dr. Dan Sahlein

- The importance of how the Rapid Aneurysm volumetric tracking features detect changes in volume and surface area

- How the finding has major implications for clinical practice and methods used for interval aneurysm measurement in patients being conservatively followed

- Why volumetric AI-driven measurement represents the future of aneurysm management

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