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Ready Player Me


Tallinn, Estonia

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Ready Player Me

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Haver Järveoja
Co-Founder, COO

Rainer Selvet
Co-Founder, CTO

Timmu Tõke
Co-Founder, CEO

Kaspar Tiri
Co-Founder, CCO


Ready Player Me is the world's leading avatar platform for developers , creators and players, breaking down the virtual walls to enable more open and connected worlds and any digital experience.

Over 260 games and apps currently utilize avatars, and players can now craft personalized avatars that seamlessly transition between various video games, virtual reality encounters, and other applications while maintaining a unified virtual identity.

Ready Player Me

Setup your Ready Player Me Avatar in Unreal Engine

After Luminous-Base and Luminous-Extended, Luminous-Supreme is the newest and most powerful generation of our multilingual language models "Made in Europe".

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