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Anand Agarawala

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Spatial is devoted to enabling creators and brands to construct their own unique spaces within the metaverse, fostering a collective sharing of culture. Our mission is to empower users by harnessing the beauty of their spaces to showcase captivating content, cultivate a closely-knit community, and facilitate meaningful sales of their creative works and products. Moreover, we provide users with the tools to design stunning and functional 3D spaces that can be transformed into NFTs, subsequently allowing them to be sold or rented to individuals seeking to host extraordinary experiences.

The metaverse presents a remarkable opportunity for creators to establish their livelihood centered around their craft. It also opens up new avenues for creators, their supporters, and fans to engage more intimately than ever before. We envision the metaverse as an inclusive and interconnected realm, where users can effortlessly integrate their spaces with other platforms, seamlessly sharing content across various domains, all facilitated by blockchain technology.

As a passionate team of experts in 3D design and the metaverse, we are headquartered in vibrant locations like New York, SF, and across the US. We are currently in search of talented individuals to join us in shaping an imaginative, accessible, and interconnected metaverse. Check out our job openings and be a part of this transformative journey.


Your World Awaits on Spatial | Create Live Multiplayer Worlds & Games Using Unity

Here’s to the next generation of storytelling, gamified experiences, art & culture.

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