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San Diego, California, USA

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Brain Corp

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Eugene Izhikevich
Co-Founder, CEO

Allen Gruber, MD
Co-Founder, Board Member


Brain Corp, the dominant force in the field of robotic AI software, is at the forefront of powering an extensive fleet of self-driving robots known as autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). These robots are deployed in various commercial public spaces, enabling tasks such as floor cleaning, inventory movement, and environmental data sensing to be seamlessly automated. Through our cloud-connected platform, BrainOS®, renowned global original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners leverage our technology to develop scalable robots.

These robots, in turn, are utilized by end customers from Fortune 500 companies across different industries, benefitting from our ever-expanding range of BrainOS®-enabled robots. With our commitment to privacy, safety, and efficiency, we offer industry-leading tools that simplify the management and expansion of automation. Currently, we empower over 20,000 AMRs, representing the largest fleet of its kind globally.

Brain Corp

Automating the Aisle - A better way with Brain Corp

Making a machine move autonomously and safely is no easy feat. We don’t need to learn how to build them too. Our laser focus on creating the world’s best robotics AI platform means that we can deliver rapid innovation and bring more robotic applications to market than ground-up robot builders.

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