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Butterfly Network is a digital health company that has revolutionized medical imaging with its innovative ultrasound-on-chip technology.

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Butterfly Network is a digital health company that has revolutionized medical imaging with its innovative ultrasound-on-Chip technology. This groundbreaking technology, built on silicon manufacturing of consumer devices, features a single silicon chip capable of performing whole-body ultrasound with just one probe. The company’s flagship product, the Butterfly iQ, is a handheld, single-probe whole-body ultrasound system that connects with a smartphone, tablet, and hospital computer system.

Butterfly Network uses artificial intelligence (AI) in several ways to enhance its ultrasound technology:

AI-Guided Solution: In collaboration with Caption Health, an AI-based ultrasound software developer, Butterfly Network has incorporated a comprehensive AI-guided solution on the Butterfly iQ+ platform. This solution aids in the early diagnosis and management of diseases.

Butterfly Blueprint: Butterfly Network introduced the Butterfly Blueprint, a system-wide ultrasound platform that works with hospital and health systems’ clinical and administrative infrastructures. It includes Caption Health’s AI-guided software, Caption AI™, which empowers healthcare professionals without sonography expertise to capture and interpret cardiac ultrasound images for earlier disease detection and better patient management.

FDA-Cleared AI-Enabled Lung Tool: Butterfly Network has developed an AI-enabled Auto B-line Counter that simplifies how healthcare professionals evaluate adults with suspected diminished lung function. This tool leverages deep learning technology to produce a B-line count from just a six-second ultrasound clip.

Data Collection and Training: To develop and train its AI algorithms, Butterfly Network utilizes its secure Butterfly Cloud to access over 3.5 million de-identified ultrasound cines. These data inputs come from hundreds of sites across all 50 states in the U.S., offering potential for a broad and diverse range of age, gender, body mass index, ethnicity, and race.

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