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Vinny Lingham

Jonathan Smith


Civic stands at the forefront as a prominent supplier of identity management solutions for Web3, granting individuals the ability to effortlessly and discreetly oversee their identities across various blockchain networks through an on-chain manifestation of their reusable identity.

At the heart of the company's offerings lies Civic Pass, a comprehensive authorization utility designed to assist corporate clients in facilitating secure access to their on-chain assets. Additionally, users have the capability to oversee their Web3 identity, online presence, and reputation through a user-friendly dashboard. Civic's ultimate ambition is to become the globally recognized and trusted on-chain Web3 identity solution, serving billions of users on a daily basis.


Civic Pass for DAOs

Automated account manipulation, inequitable reward allocation, an uneven voting process, and Sybil attacks are problems that individuals engaged in a DAO may recognize. Civic Pass offers a solution by authenticating and converting various elements of a member's real-world identity, including age, location, and liveliness, into tokens. Safeguard your DAO by implementing Civic Pass, whether you are using Realms, the DAO governance platform on Solana, or any other DAO governance platform that suits your needs.

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