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Christchurch, New Zealand

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Dawn Aerospace

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Stefan Powell
Co-Founder, CEO, CTO

James Powell
Co-Founder, CFO

Jeroen Wink
Co-Founder, CRO

Tobias Knop
Co-Founder, COO

Robert Werner


Dawn Aerospace, a pioneering aerospace company, is transforming the satellite propulsion and space launch industry with its cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. With a vision to provide cost-effective and sustainable access to space, Dawn Aerospace is rapidly gaining recognition as a game-changer in the field.

Dawn Aerospace's satellite propulsion systems are revolutionizing the way satellites maneuver and maintain their orbits. By leveraging the power of its innovative propulsion technology, Dawn Aerospace offers enhanced performance, efficiency, and versatility to satellite operators.

Their systems are built with scalability in mind, allowing satellites of various sizes to benefit from their advanced propulsion capabilities.

The cornerstone of Dawn Aerospace's propulsion technology lies in their aerospike engine design. This novel approach provides numerous advantages, including increased fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

By optimizing thrust efficiency across a broad range of altitudes, Dawn Aerospace's aerospike engines deliver superior performance compared to traditional rocket engines, enabling satellites to achieve optimal orbital positions more efficiently.

In addition to its groundbreaking satellite propulsion systems, Dawn Aerospace is making waves in the space launch sector. The company has developed a unique suborbital spaceplane called the "Mk-II Aurora," designed to provide cost-effective and reusable access to space.

The Mk-II Aurora combines the best features of an airplane and a rocket, allowing for horizontal takeoff and landing, significantly reducing launch costs and turnaround time.

The Mk-II Aurora's hybrid propulsion system, utilizing both jet engines and rocket motors, enables the spaceplane to reach suborbital altitudes and speeds while providing enhanced safety and flexibility.

With its reusable design, the Mk-II Aurora can offer rapid turnaround times, providing more frequent launch opportunities for satellite deployment and scientific research missions.

Dawn Aerospace

Rocket-Powered Flight Achieved from Dawn's Mk-II Aurora Spaceplane

Dawn Aerospace has achieved a significant milestone towards its mission to redefine access to space with reliable, rapidly reusable and sustainable space transport.

We successfully flew the Mk-II Aurora under rocket power for the first time in March 2023.

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