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Dawn Aerospace focuses on sustainable spacecraft by offering satellite propulsion systems and same-day reusable launch vehicles.


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Dawn Aerospace is a space company known for manufacturing satellite propulsion systems that are environmentally friendly, using lower greenhouse potential and nontoxic materials. In addition to this, they have developed an uncrewed suborbital spaceplane with rapidly reusable flight characteristics. Their innovative approach includes the production of hardware for small satellites, including thrusters and propellants. They have provided propulsion to various organizations and have signed contracts with several space agencies.

One of their notable products is the B20 thruster, a 20-newton thruster that uses a chemical propellant made up of nitrous oxide and propylene. This replaces hydrazine, a highly toxic chemical compound often used in satellites, allowing for quicker launches and safer handling of the rocket while on the ground. Dawn Aerospace is also known for the Mk-II Aurora, an uncrewed suborbital spaceplane.

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