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Fresh Fruit Robotics


Bnei Darom, Israel

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Fresh Fruit Robotics

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Avi Kahani

Gad Kober

Yoav Koster


Fresh Fruit Robotics, also recognized as FFRobotics, is an agricultural technology (AgTech) firm specializing in pioneering the world's initial fully automated robotic fresh fruit harvester. Their patented creation, the FFRobot, is an exceptionally dependable and robust harvesting system that mirrors the manual hand-picking process. This innovation ensures efficient, cost-effective, and damage-free fruit harvesting.

The FFRobot presents a distinctive opportunity for farmers and growers to confront the challenges related to labor shortage, increasing labor expenses, and potential harm to hand-picked fruit. It achieves this by either reducing, complementing, or substituting human pickers, who are becoming scarcer in the workforce. The FFRobot employs advanced software for identifying and categorizing fruit according to the grower's predetermined criteria for harvest selection.

Compared to an average human picker, the FFRobot boasts ten times greater productivity and speed in harvesting premium fruit. Additionally, it gathers data on the quantity of fruit harvested per tree, acre, and orchard.

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