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Ghost Robotics

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Gavin Kenneally
Co-Founder, CEO

Avik De
Co-Founder, CTO


Ghost Robotics, a groundbreaking company at the forefront of the robotics industry, is spearheading a new era of autonomous machines with their advanced technologies.

Ghost Robotics' commitment to redefining robotics is evident in their flagship product, Vision 60. Designed as a versatile and ruggedized robot platform, Vision 60 boasts an array of impressive features that set it apart from its competitors.

Equipped with advanced legged locomotion capabilities, this quadrupedal robot effortlessly traverses challenging terrains, making it ideal for a wide range of applications such as defense, security, inspection, and agriculture.

Vision 60's unique mobility enables it to navigate environments that are typically inaccessible to traditional wheeled or tracked robots, opening up a world of possibilities in various industries.

One of the key factors that differentiate Ghost Robotics from other players in the industry is their innovative legged locomotion technology. By mimicking the natural movements of animals, Ghost Robotics has engineered a system that provides unparalleled stability and agility to their robots.

This breakthrough technology allows Vision 60 to overcome obstacles, traverse uneven surfaces, and maintain balance in dynamic environments, making it an ideal solution for missions that demand reliable and versatile robotic systems.

The applications of Vision 60 extend far beyond conventional use cases. Whether it's aiding search and rescue operations, enhancing surveillance capabilities, or supporting precision agriculture, Ghost Robotics' versatile platform adapts to various scenarios with ease.

The integration of advanced sensors, communication systems, and intelligent algorithms empowers Vision 60 to perform complex tasks autonomously, reducing human intervention and increasing operational efficiency.

Ghost Robotics' vision encompasses not only their innovative products but also their dedication to revolutionizing the entire robotics ecosystem. By fostering collaborations with research institutions, industry partners, and customers, Ghost Robotics actively contributes to the development of cutting-edge robotics technologies.

Their commitment to an open-source approach promotes knowledge sharing and accelerates advancements in the field, ultimately leading to a more interconnected and capable robotic ecosystem.

Ghost Robotics stands as a trailblazer in the robotics industry, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible. As they continue to evolve their offerings and forge new partnerships, Ghost Robotics is poised to revolutionize the robotics landscape, shaping the future of autonomous machines and unlocking endless possibilities for industries worldwide.

Ghost Robotics

Vision 60 Swamp Dog Q-UGV: Tyndall AFB 24x7 Perimeter Autonomous Patrol

Swamp Dog. 5 miles autonomous base perimeter patrol at Tyndall USAF and then ready for a recharge, then back to work, 24/7. 1 of 4 autonomous patrol Q-UGVs providing next generation autonomous security.

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