Veem is transforming the financial payment system by using blockchain , building a new user-focused financial ecosystem.


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Veem is transforming the financial payment system. The company’s network sends and receives payments in local currency via a friction-less manner by using the blockchain as a new settlement rail, improving the costly and outdated payment industry by building a new user-focused financial ecosystem that services businesses globally. Veem offers a wide range of services, including international and domestic payments, payment acceptance, debit and credit card payments, multi-currency invoicing, payments collection from clients, deposits, and high-volume payments. This comprehensive suite of services empowers businesses of all sizes with the help of financial tools and negotiating power.


One of the key features of Veem is its ability to provide a transparent fee structure with no additional or hidden charges. This, coupled with fast settlements and top-tier customer support, makes Veem a preferred choice among businesses worldwide. Veem has credited a significant amount to merchants so far and has processed a substantial number of payments annually.

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