Atmo builds Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled hardware-software systems that solve weather prediction for any city, state, or country.


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Atmo AI is a global leader in weather prediction technology. They have developed AI-enabled hardware-software systems that are used by cities, countries, militaries, and enterprises around the world. Their innovative approach has doubled the time horizon and quadrupled the forecast resolution, providing an extended and more detailed weather forecast to 4 billion people and 180 countries.


Atmo AI’s mission is to empower government leaders to protect and enrich their citizens with superior weather predictions. They aim to ensure that no country is left behind when it comes to weather prediction, providing tailored and cost-effective solutions that deliver clear and actionable information to citizens, businesses, and organizations.


Their technology is particularly beneficial for public safety, helping to eliminate weather surprises and enabling governments to prepare for disasters accordingly. It also supports economic growth and inclusion by delivering superior forecasts to every citizen. In the realm of national security, Atmo AI equips commanders to anticipate extreme weather and mitigate weather-related risks.

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