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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Tom Leung, MSc PhD
Co-Founder, CSO

Liran Belenzon
Co-Founder, CEO

Elvis Wianda
Co-Founder, CDO

David Qixiang Chen, PhD


BenchSci is a company located in Toronto that specializes in harnessing artificial intelligence to advance the research and development of pharmaceutical drugs. Their primary goal is to accelerate the process of discovering and investigating medicinal compounds.

They have developed a platform powered by AI, which serves as a valuable tool for researchers, providing them with precise details and insights regarding their experiments. As a result, this platform significantly decreases the time spent on researching and organizing necessary materials, ultimately expediting the overall research and discovery journey.

The organization offers two platforms: AI-Assisted Reagent Selection and AI-Assisted Antibody Selection. The first platform can quickly choose reagents for an experiment in just thirty seconds, whereas conventional research methods would require weeks. The second platform assists researchers in discovering suitable products for their experiments by utilizing a vast database of over 10 million scientific publications.

These sources have received independent confirmations from reputable organizations like The Human Protein Atlas and Encode. The academic versions of these platforms are available at no cost to eligible institutions, while enterprise and commercial users can access them by making payment.


What is BenchSci?

BenchSci’s mission is to exponentially increase the speed and quality of life-saving research. We do this by empowering scientists with the world’s most advanced biomedical AI to run more successful experiments.

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