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Ran Poliakine
Founder, CEO, Chairman


Nanox, an innovative medical technology company, is making waves in the healthcare industry with its groundbreaking imaging solutions. The company aims to democratize medical imaging and improve global access to high-quality diagnostic services.

At the heart of Nanox's mission is the Nanox.ARC, an innovative medical imaging system designed to address the global shortage of imaging infrastructure. This novel system offers an affordable and accessible alternative to traditional imaging devices, allowing medical professionals to provide accurate diagnoses and improve patient outcomes.

Nanox.ARC operates on the principle of digital tomosynthesis, a technique that captures three-dimensional images of the human body. By utilizing a unique combination of hardware and software, Nanox.ARC enables the creation of detailed medical images with reduced radiation exposure and at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems.

This breakthrough technology has the potential to transform healthcare in underserved regions and help bridge the imaging gap worldwide.

Nanox.ARC stands out from conventional imaging systems due to its remarkable features. The system incorporates a state-of-the-art digital X-ray source that is significantly smaller and lighter than traditional counterparts, making it highly portable and easy to install.

This portability, along with its cloud-based infrastructure, allows medical facilities to expand their reach beyond hospitals and bring diagnostic capabilities to remote areas, improving access to care for millions around the globe.

Empowering AI-Driven Diagnostics: Complementing the Nanox.ARC, Nanox.CLOUD is a robust cloud-based platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance diagnostic capabilities. Through machine learning algorithms and advanced data analytics, Nanox.CLOUD assists healthcare professionals in analyzing medical images efficiently and accurately.

This powerful tool not only aids in early detection and diagnosis but also facilitates the development of personalized treatment plans, paving the way for precision medicine.

Nanox's vision extends beyond the development of cutting-edge technology. The company actively collaborates with strategic partners worldwide to foster innovation and accelerate the adoption of its imaging solutions. By joining forces with renowned healthcare providers, research institutions, and industry leaders, Nanox strives to create a global network that drives progress and transforms the future of healthcare.

Nanox's commitment to democratizing medical imaging through its revolutionary Nanox.ARC system and cloud-based AI platform, Nanox.CLOUD, marks a significant turning point in the field of healthcare.

By enabling cost-effective and accessible imaging solutions, Nanox is poised to improve patient outcomes, especially in underserved regions. With its innovative technology and strategic collaborations, Nanox is on a mission to revolutionize medical imaging and make a lasting impact on global healthcare.


Nanox.ARC FDA 510(k) cleared

Nanox.ARC is an easy to use Tomosynthesis​ system, fully integrated within the Nanox ecosystem.​ Designed specifically for bringing advanced radiographic visualizations to all markets, worldwide.

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