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Zurich, Switzerland

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Péter Fankhauser
Co-Founder, CEO

Hanspeter Fässler
Co-Founder, Chairman

Andreas Lauber
Co-Founder, Head of Industrialization

Christian Gehring
C0-Founder, Senior Director of Robotics

Remo Diethelm
Co-Founder, Robotics Software Engineer

Samuel Bachmann
Co-Founder, Robotics Software Engineer


ANYbotics is a cutting-edge robotics company that specializes in the development of advanced mobile robots for industrial applications.

Founded in 2016, the company is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and has a team of highly skilled engineers and robotics experts dedicated to creating innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of industries such as energy, mining, and inspection.

ANYbotics' flagship product, the ANYmal robot, is a quadrupedal robot that can operate in challenging environments, providing remote monitoring and inspection services that enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity.

With a focus on reliability, flexibility, and sustainability, ANYbotics is at the forefront of the robotics revolution, delivering state-of-the-art technology that drives progress and creates value for its customers.


ANYmal X — The World’s First Ex-Proof Legged Robot

ANYbotics, the Swiss robotics company, introduces ANYmal X, the world's first Ex-proof legged robot. ANYmal X now makes it possible for the Oil & Gas and Chemical industries to automate routine inspections, thereby increasing safety and operational effectiveness.

ANYmal X extends the leading mobility, autonomy, and inspection intelligence of ANYbotics' robotic inspection solution, and is specifically designed and certified for safe usage in hazardous and potentially explosive environments — a game changer for the industry.

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