ANYbotics provides autonomous legged robots for industrial applications providing high availability and reliability in routine inspections.


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ANYbotics is a Swiss robotics pioneer that has made significant strides in the field of autonomous inspection. The company recently secured a $50 million Series B funding round, attracting attention from international deep tech investors. ANYbotics is known for its product ANYmal, a four-legged robot designed for autonomous inspection in challenging environments. In October 2023, the company introduced enhanced mobility, improved navigation, greater operator control, better connectivity, and expanded video recording options for ANYmal.


The company also announced the launch of a new end-to-end robotic inspection system for the energy and industrial processing arenas. This solution aims to answer the call for better safety at production sites and lower downtime. The company’s vision is to transform the way inspections are done by deploying robots in various industries around the world.

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