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Cognovi Labs has dedicated almost a decade integrating behavioral psychology with deep ML to create ethical and privacy-protected AI tools.


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Cognovi Labs is a company that operates as a platform as a service. They offer real-time intelligence across multiple dimensions of social data streams to render deep insights and actionable information for businesses, investors, organizations, agencies, governments, and public figures. Their mission is to empower people and organizations to improve their emotional intelligence for a fairer, safer, and more prosperous world. They have dedicated almost a decade to integrating behavioral psychology with deep machine learning to create ethical, responsible, privacy-protected, and secure AI tools.


Their innovative Emotion AI combines machine learning with behavioral psychology to quantify how people make decisions and how it affects the outcome, from corporate sales to political events. Cognovi Labs’ commitment to Responsible AI is to implement safe, transparent, ethical, and equitable AI and machine learning solutions for users of their products and services.

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