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Fetch Robotics


San Jose, California, USA

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Acquired by Zebra Technologies | 2021


Fetch Robotics

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Melonee Wise
Founder, CEO


Fetch Robotics, a prominent player in the realm of automation, has been making waves with its innovative solutions and cutting-edge products. Harnessing the power of robotics and artificial intelligence, Fetch Robotics is transforming the way businesses operate, revolutionizing industries with its advanced technology.

Fetch Robotics has become a leading name in the field of automation by addressing the challenges faced by industries across various sectors. With a mission to streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, Fetch Robotics offers a suite of comprehensive solutions that redefine automation capabilities.

At the core of Fetch Robotics' offerings lies the FetchCore Cloud Robotics Platform. This robust platform empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate robotics into their operations and orchestrate complex tasks with ease. By leveraging the power of cloud computing and machine learning, FetchCore enables real-time collaboration, data analysis, and intelligent decision-making.

Fetch Robotics' flagship product line includes a wide range of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) designed to perform various tasks in dynamic environments.

Fetch Robotics

FlexShelf Fulfillment Solution

Our fulfillment solution, which includes three new Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), enables warehouses, distribution, and fulfillment centers to automate critical workflows as order volumes increase, labor pools get more competitive, and customer expectations continue to rise.

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