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Insitro is a company that stands at the intersection of human biology and machine learning redefining drug discovery and development.



San Francisco, California, USA

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Daphne Koller


Insitro is a trailblazing company that stands at the intersection of human biology and machine learning. They are redefining the landscape of drug discovery and development by leveraging the power of data-driven insights.

The company’s unique approach involves the use of machine learning, human genetics, and quantitative biology to address key challenges in the drug discovery process. By collecting and utilizing vast data sets, Insitro trains machine learning models that can predict better and earlier which paths are more likely to lead to successful medicines. This innovative method aims to avoid expensive failures often encountered in pharmaceutical R&D and deliver better medicines to patients who need them.

Insitro’s commitment to integrating machine learning and biology at scale is evident in their work. Their team of scientists, engineers, and drug hunters work together to generate and leverage data today to advance tomorrow’s medicines. This collaborative effort across disciplines is what sets them apart.

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