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Miso Robotics

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Buck Jordan
Co-Founder, President and Chairman

Ryan Sinnet
Co-Founder, Chief Research

Rob Anderson
Co-Founder, Head of Mechanical Engineering


Miso Robotics is a groundbreaking company that is at the forefront of revolutionizing the culinary industry through its cutting-edge robotic solutions.

With a vision to transform the way food is prepared and served, Miso Robotics has developed a range of remarkable products that automate tedious and repetitive tasks, freeing up human chefs to focus on creativity and customer experience.

The Next Generation of Culinary Automation One of Miso Robotics' flagship products, Flippy 2, is an intelligent robotic kitchen assistant designed to streamline cooking operations.

Equipped with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, Flippy 2 has the ability to learn and adapt to various cooking techniques, ensuring consistent and high-quality results every time.

Its nimble robotic arm can effortlessly flip burgers, place them on buns, and perform a myriad of other tasks with exceptional precision. By seamlessly integrating into existing kitchen setups, Flippy 2 reduces human error, improves efficiency, and ultimately enhances the overall dining experience.

Bringing Automation to Quick-Service Restaurants Miso Robotics has expanded its product portfolio with Flippy Light, specifically designed for quick-service restaurants (QSRs) and fast-food chains. Built upon the success of Flippy 2, Flippy Light offers a compact and cost-effective solution to automate repetitive tasks in high-volume kitchen environments.

With its versatile capabilities, Flippy Light can skillfully manage the cooking process, including frying, grilling, and much more. By introducing Flippy Light, Miso Robotics aims to enhance operational efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure consistent quality across QSRs.

Precision and Perfection in Sous Vide Cooking Recognizing the demand for precise cooking techniques, Miso Robotics introduces CookRIght, an automated sous vide solution. Sous vide, a culinary method that involves cooking vacuum-sealed food in precisely controlled water baths, requires meticulous temperature control and monitoring.

CookRIght offers chefs and kitchen staff the ability to achieve consistent and precise results with minimal effort. Its advanced sensors and intelligent algorithms ensure that food is cooked to perfection, unlocking new levels of culinary possibilities.

Enhancing Beverage Service with Robotic Assistance Miso Robotics takes a step beyond the kitchen with Sippy, an automated beverage service assistant. Sippy's intuitive design and advanced technology allow it to autonomously pour and serve beverages, eliminating the need for human intervention in routine beverage-related tasks.

By taking over these repetitive responsibilities, Sippy enables restaurant staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer service, enhancing efficiency, and improving the overall dining experience.

Miso Robotics

Flippy 2 Working

Flippy 2 can be equipped with an Automatic Dispenser, perfect for high-volume foods like French fries. Team members simply press a button and Flippy handles the rest. Available in a single or dual hopper configuration with refrigerated or frozen storage.

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