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Astra provides dedicated small launches and mission-critical on-orbit mobility to smallsat builders and operators around the world.



Alameda, California, USA

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Chris Kemp
Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO

Dr. Adam London
Co-Founder, CTO


Astra is a pioneering aerospace company that is revolutionizing the satellite launch industry. Headquartered in California, Astra aims to provide frequent and affordable access to space, making it easier for organizations to deploy satellites into orbit. With their innovative approach and advanced technologies, Astra has developed a unique launch system that optimizes efficiency and reduces costs.

Their small, agile rockets are designed for rapid production and deployment, allowing them to offer flexible launch services to meet the evolving needs of the market. Astra's commitment to sustainability is evident in their focus on reducing space debris and minimizing environmental impact. Through their dedication to innovation, affordability, and sustainability, Astra is shaping the future of space exploration and satellite deployment.


Launch System 2: First Stage Engine, Mission Duty Cycle

Footage of a recently completed mission duty cycle (MDC) of a Rocket 4 first stage engine. An MDC is a major engine development milestone for testing hardware reliability.

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