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1X Technologies


Oslo, Norway

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1X Technologies

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Bernt Øivind Børnich
Co-Founder, CEO

Nguyen Ho Quoc Phuong
Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer


1X Technologies, former Halodi Robotics, is an engineering and robotics company that specializes in producing androids capable of human-like movements and behaviors.

They develop humanoid robots that can operate in a variety of environments. The company has quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to creating robots that are both highly versatile and user-friendly.

1x's flagship product is the EVE robot, a highly advanced humanoid robot designed to perform a wide range of tasks.

The EVE robot is equipped with sophisticated sensors, advanced software, and powerful motors that allow it to move with exceptional speed and precision. It can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks, from simple household chores to more complex industrial operations.

The company's mission is to create robots that can enhance people's lives and improve the efficiency of various industries.

They believe that robots can help businesses achieve greater productivity and streamline their operations, while also providing valuable assistance to people in their daily lives.

1x's innovative approach to robotics has earned the company numerous accolades and awards.

They have been recognized for their groundbreaking work in the field of robotics, and have received funding from some of the world's leading venture capitalists.

1X Technologies

EVE Packing Goods

Android model EVE Packing Goods

This video demonstrates our hardware and motion AI’s natural dynamics and precision by running a preplanned sequence of motion and manipulation events.

While our deployed products do not make any assumptions about the future state of the world, our system’s dynamics and precision greatly simplify the AI problem.

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