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Anari AI


San Francisco, California, USA

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Anari AI

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Jovan Stojanović
Co-Founder, CEO

Stefan Sredojević
Co-Founder, COO

Bogdan Vukobratović, PhD
Co-Founder, Head or R&D


The company has created a specialized computing platform for artificial intelligence that empowers customers to select their preferred hardware infrastructure. This platform is specifically designed to facilitate the implementation and utilization of cutting-edge AI products and services in various sectors such as gaming, automotive, and biotechnology. It simplifies the process of customizing the AI infrastructure by providing a one-click solution for businesses to personalize their setup.

Anari AI

THOR X - Accelerating 3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation

A new Cloud-based technology “System-on-Cloud”, developed by the Anari AI team, introduces an optimized and efficient system from various different hardware and software architectures combined with machine learning models to revolutionize the way AI compute systems are utilized.

Anari AI is launching Thor X, the first “System-on-Cloud” specialized in semantic segmentation of 3D point cloud data structures. Primarily focused on providing custom hardware acceleration to industries such as geospatial, BIM, digital twin, and metaverse, Thor X is enabling 30x more efficient processing compared to the best GPUs on the market.

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