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Celestia Aerospace provides turn-key solutions for companies that wish to do research and development of technologies in Low Earth Orbit.


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Celstia Aerospace is a leading company in the aerospace industry, providing comprehensive space solutions. They specialize in the development, management, and launch of nanosatellites. These cube-shaped, low-weight satellites range from 1 to 10 kg and have small dimensions from 10 centimeters of edge. The company offers an integral service of space solutions, which includes every step of the process: from the design and development of the nanosatellite to its launch, orbit management, and data delivery to the final user.


The launch, orbital operation, and data management are all developed by the company. Their proprietary Sagittarius Launch System allows for flexible launches of as little as 4 nanosats and up to 16 in a single operation. This makes them a reliable, flexible, and cost-effective choice for businesses looking to venture into space.

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