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Jean-Luc Maria
Co-Founder, CEO

David Henri
Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

Paul Lascombes
Co-Founder, Chief Scientist

Nicolas Heitz
Co-Founder, COO


Exotrail, a leading company at the forefront of the space industry, is revolutionizing the way we explore and utilize outer space. With an impressive suite of innovative mobility solutions, including SpaceStudio, SpaceDrop, SpaceWare, and SpaceTower, Exotrail is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in space transportation and satellite operations. Leveraging advanced technologies and a commitment to excellence, Exotrail is paving the way for a new era of space exploration and commercialization.

SpaceStudio: Empowering Satellite Operators with Unprecedented Control
Exotrail's flagship product, SpaceStudio, empowers satellite operators with unprecedented control and flexibility in mission planning and operations. This state-of-the-art software suite integrates advanced algorithms and data analytics, allowing operators to optimize satellite trajectories, maneuvering, and resource allocation in real-time.

By maximizing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and extending mission lifetimes, SpaceStudio is reshaping the satellite industry and enabling new possibilities for Earth observation, telecommunications, and scientific missions.

SpaceDrop: Streamlining Satellite Deployment with Precision and Reliability
Exotrail's SpaceDrop is an innovative solution designed to streamline satellite deployment processes with precision and reliability.

This groundbreaking technology addresses the challenges of launching multiple satellites in different orbits by providing autonomous and accurate deployment capabilities. By leveraging advanced propulsion and navigation systems, SpaceDrop enables precise satellite separation, minimizing the risks associated with cluster deployment and significantly enhancing mission success rates.

SpaceWare: Enabling On-Orbit Servicing and Upgradability - Exotrail's SpaceWare offers a game-changing solution for on-orbit servicing and upgradability of satellites. With this groundbreaking technology, satellite operators can extend the lifespan of their assets, perform maintenance operations, and even upgrade key components in space.

SpaceWare combines innovative robotics, modular architectures, and intelligent algorithms to enable efficient servicing missions, reducing costs, and minimizing space debris. This technology holds immense potential for the future of space exploration, as it paves the way for sustainable and adaptable satellite operations.

SpaceTower: Revolutionizing Satellite Constellation Deployment - Exotrail's SpaceTower represents a paradigm shift in satellite constellation deployment. By integrating intelligent software and propulsion systems, SpaceTower enables the seamless deployment of constellations with unparalleled efficiency.

This groundbreaking technology ensures precise positioning of satellites, reducing the time and cost required for deployment. The scalable and customizable nature of SpaceTower allows satellite operators to rapidly expand their constellations and provide enhanced global coverage, opening up new opportunities in areas such as Earth observation, communications, and internet connectivity.


Inspired by Earth logistics, our mission is to move things in space

As on Earth, mobility is the next frontier of the space industry. Launching your satellites in low-cost rideshare while reaching an optimal mission orbit, maintaining or modifying their orbit, avoiding collisions and deorbiting at the end of their life: everything is now possible.

Our mission is to help you define your mobility need with our spacestudio™ mission analysis software, meet that need with our spaceware™ onboard propulsion systems and spacedrop™ in-space mobility services, and operate the solution with our spacetower™ software.

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