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Thomas Markusic
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Eric Salwan


Firefly Aerospace, a leading private aerospace company, is making significant strides in the space industry with its cutting-edge launch and in-space services. Leveraging advanced technologies and a strong commitment to innovation, Firefly is poised to revolutionize space exploration. One of their most ambitious endeavors, the Blue Ghost Lunar mission, has captured the imagination of space enthusiasts worldwide.

Firefly Aerospace has established itself as a frontrunner in the private space industry, offering reliable and cost-effective launch services to commercial and government customers. With a mission to unlock the potential of space for the betterment of humanity, Firefly has developed state-of-the-art launch vehicles and ground infrastructure that deliver payloads to various orbits.

Firefly's Alpha rocket, a game-changer in the industry, boasts a versatile capacity, enabling both small and medium-sized payloads to be deployed into orbit. Backed by extensive research and rigorous testing, the Alpha rocket offers exceptional reliability and performance at a highly competitive price point. By providing affordable access to space, Firefly is democratizing the cosmos and opening new avenues for scientific exploration and commercial opportunities.

Firefly Aerospace's innovative vision extends beyond launch services, as they aim to provide comprehensive in-space solutions for their customers. From satellite deployment to on-orbit servicing, Firefly's diverse range of in-space services caters to the evolving needs of the space industry.

Through their unique approach to in-space transportation, Firefly facilitates satellite deployments and constellation deployments in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner. Their versatile spacecraft, combined with cutting-edge technologies, ensure precise and reliable deployment of customer payloads, enabling seamless operations in orbit.

One of Firefly Aerospace's most ambitious projects, the Blue Ghost Lunar mission, aims to deliver 13 commercial and government payloads to the lunar surface in 2024 and conduct groundbreaking scientific investigations. With a focus on resource prospecting and understanding the Moon's geology, this mission represents a crucial step towards establishing a sustained human presence beyond Earth.

The Blue Ghost lander, equipped with advanced scientific instruments, will gather valuable data to uncover potential resources and evaluate the Moon's suitability for future human missions. Firefly's expertise in developing affordable and reliable spacecraft ensures that the Blue Ghost mission is well-equipped for its scientific objectives.

Additionally, Firefly is fostering partnerships with international space agencies, private enterprises, and research institutions to maximize the scientific output of the mission. By collaborating with other space industry leaders, Firefly aims to drive collaborative innovation and inspire future lunar exploration.

Firefly Aerospace

Alpha Rocket - Test What We Fly

Our team completed engine and stage testing on another Alpha rocket, and we are GO for launch integration. Firefly’s in-house, “test what we fly” approach further ensures mission success.

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