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San Francisco, California, USA

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Imran Chaudhri
Co-Founder & Chairman

Bethany Bongiorno
Co-Founder, CEO


Humane is a platform that creates and sells consumer hardware, software, and services that feel familiar, natural, and humane. The company is dedicated to creating cutting-edge technology that is both human and natural-feeling.

Humane reveals the name of first device, the Humane Ai Pin.

Humane, Inc. today announced its first device will be called the Humane Ai Pin, the latest detail to be revealed ahead of its launch later this year. The Humane Ai Pin is a new type of standalone device with a software platform that harnesses the power of AI to enable innovative personal computing experiences.

The connected and intelligent clothing-based wearable device uses a range of sensors that enable contextual and ambient compute interactions. A selection of these interactions were recently previewed for the first time publicly in Imran Chaudhri’s TED Talk, “The disappearing computer — and a world where you can take AI everywhere”.

Humane is collaborating with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. for this unique device and form factor. Humane’s first device will be powered by an advanced Snapdragon platform from Qualcomm Technologies.

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