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Launchspace Technologies specializes in key technologies for solving space traffic management, and orbital debris tracking and removal.

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Launchspace Technologies

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John Bauman

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Launchspace Technologies Corporation (LTC), founded in 2016, is a commercial space services company that is addressing a permanent international imperative to maintain national security and spaceflight safety. The company specializes in key technologies and architectures for solving major security capability gaps in space, space traffic management, and orbital debris tracking and removal.

Their business model is subscription-based with multiple revenue streams. They work with commercial, civil, and national security customers, providing solutions for orbital debris remediation and space domain awareness. Their intellectual property is protected by issued patents.

Launchspace Technologies is developing a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Cislunar sensor constellation to detect, track, and identify resident space objects (RSOs – orbital debris and active spacecraft) in low Earth orbit (LEO), geostationary equatorial orbits (GEO), and Cislunar space. This leads to revenue from customers in space domain awareness (SDA), orbital debris detection, tracking and removal, and space traffic management (STM).

The company believes that the orbital debris problem will always exist due to the exponential increase in the launch of satellites and spacecraft. Therefore, the critically mandated solution to this problem will result in a permanent and recurring revenue stream for Launchspace Technologies.

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