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Piaggio Fast Forward

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Greg Lynn
Co-Founder, CEO

Jeffrey Schnapp
Co-Founder, Chief Visionary Officer

Michele Colaninno
Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board


Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) is a cutting-edge technology company that is making waves in the world of urban mobility. Founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of Piaggio Group, the renowned Italian manufacturer of iconic vehicles such as Vespa and Moto Guzzi, PFF is dedicated to developing advanced robotics solutions that enhance human mobility and transform the way we navigate our cities.

PFF's mission is to create a seamless fusion between humans and machines by harnessing the power of robotics and artificial intelligence. The company's relentless pursuit of innovation is evident in its groundbreaking products, which aim to revolutionize the urban landscape.

PFF's flagship product, the Gita Robot, is a versatile and agile personal cargo carrier that follows its user effortlessly, taking the strain out of daily tasks such as grocery shopping or commuting.

With a keen focus on urban mobility challenges, PFF has successfully engineered a range of cutting-edge technologies that integrate seamlessly into people's lives.

The Gita Robot, equipped with an array of sensors and intelligent navigation algorithms, can navigate crowded streets, curbs, and stairs with ease. This futuristic personal cargo carrier is a testament to PFF's commitment to making urban living more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable.

PFF believes in fostering collaborative relationships with various stakeholders to create a lasting impact. The company has engaged in partnerships with local communities, policymakers, and urban planners to shape the future of cities. By actively involving end-users and integrating their feedback into the product development process, PFF ensures that its solutions align with the needs and aspirations of the communities they serve.

As PFF continues to push the boundaries of robotics and urban mobility, the company envisions a future where cities are transformed into vibrant, interconnected ecosystems. By seamlessly integrating robotics into the urban fabric, PFF aims to unlock new possibilities for transportation, logistics, and personal mobility. With their unwavering commitment to innovation, PFF is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of urban living.

Piaggio Fast Forward is at the forefront of the robotics revolution, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to redefine urban mobility. With their visionary outlook and dedication to innovation, PFF is set to inspire a future where humans and machines harmoniously coexist, making urban living more connected and sustainable.

Piaggio Fast Forward

Our Manifesto

At Piaggio Fast Forward, our vision is to move toward a sustainable mobility ecology where cities are centered around people over cars, and value transportation systems that support healthier lifestyles, cleaner environments and stronger local economies. We have an extensive knowledge of pedestrian mobility and use this knowledge to create innovative mobile tech solutions that move the way people move—to help people walk more, walk farther, and to allow them to do more of their everyday living on foot.

Our gita robots (pronounced “jee-ta,” Italian for “short trip”), gitaplus and gitamini, are hands-free following robots that move the way you move. They carry your gear (gitaplus can hold up to 40lbs, gitamini can hold up to 20lbs) while following you using computer sensor vision, keeping pace and avoiding obstacles along the way. gitaplus and gitamini robots pair to, follow, and react to their user without the need of GPS, allowing it to travel both indoors and outdoors seamlessly.

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